Where you planning listing on CEX?

There are no plans for listing on CEX yet. We believe that CEX is one of the main dangers for the crypto market in the case of a breach of the protection of custodian wallets.

On Pancake problem with liquidity

We plan to attract…

The partnership will increase the liquidity of $KOMBAT and help our NFTs attain multichain presence.

With the recent growth of the NFT space, it’s safe to say that products combining DeFi and NFTs will dominate the market in the middle term. Traditionally, NFTs have problems with liquidity and price discovery…

With that article, we start a series of materials aimed at unveiling the deeply thought out and calculated economic and gameplay models of Crypto Kombat.

- What’s inside of Crypto Kombat play-to-earn economic model;

- Introducing premium accounts into blockchain games;

- Vombat — the reflection token;

- The Crypto…

The very thing that you have asked us about since the early weeks of the project has finally happened: Crypto Kombat is ready to launch support of BSC.

You will be able to use the Crypto Kombat functions like staking tokens, providing liquidity, minting new NFT cards with the lowest…

Almost 2 months have passed since a new star, Crypto Kombat, appeared on the horizon of the crypto. In this regard, we decided to take stock of the first 8 weeks of the project’s existence!

12 cards were released, 9 of which are heroes of future battles, and 3 cards…

Here we go again! We lock tokens belonging to the team and intended for the development of the project ecosystem. Read more in today’s update.

The CryptoKombat team decided to vest tokens intended for:

  • Team rewards;
  • Ecosystem development;
  • Initial LP.

In addition, we’ve deployed a governance multisig contract and transferred…

You’ve been waiting and we are ready to announce: the Crypto Kombat team is launching a special LP-farming program for first project contributors who have been supporting us from the early days!

The campaign involves participating in liquidity on Uniswap for unique UNI-V2 LP tokens, which are required to receive…

Crypto Kombat is first focused on providing a fair early KOMBAT distribution as a part of the game ecosystem, the ecosystem that is owned and governed by its participants.

What is the use of the KOMBAT token?

  • Stack it to mint limited NFT cards
  • Vote for Hero cards stats
  • Vote for governance proposals
  • Create a governance proposal
  • Decide on new features

Encourage long-term participation in the project. Create additional treasury funds that the community owns. Creates an incentive for reducing deflation and aligns stakeholders long term.

👁 Get ready to have fun and follow us on Twitter!

We are happy to announce that we are launch the Crypto Kombat!

Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum-based collectible fighting game with crypto heroes. In this sense, DeFi mechanics provide a reliable network and allow you to verify the rarity of the cards you own.

We invite you to join the…

Crypto Kombat

Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum based NFT collectible hero game

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