Crypto Kombat: Results of the 2021 Year

  • 17 hero cards were created and added to the game;
  • 4 cards from The History of Kombat collection were added for BSC LP providers;
  • 11 cards from The History of Bitcoin collection were added for ETH LP providers;
  • All LP-cards were minted by the new owners;
  • 1,168 Hero Cards were minted on Ethereum;
  • 1,663 Hero Cards were minted at BSC;
  • 190 Mixer Uses.
  • Maximum trading volume in 24 hours: $ 108,036;
  • 21.2 ETH ($ 84,000) Open Sea trading volume
  • 359 ETH Token Holders
  • 230 BSC Token Holders
  • 2544 Peak Daily active users
  • 2,458 ETH KOMBAT staked
  • 1,826 BCS KOMBAT staked
  • 5,317 users who were active in the project



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Crypto Kombat

Crypto Kombat

Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum based NFT collectible hero game