CryptoKombat tokens lock

Here we go again! We lock tokens belonging to the team and intended for the development of the project ecosystem. Read more in today’s update.

The CryptoKombat team decided to vest tokens intended for:

  • Team rewards;
  • Ecosystem development;
  • Initial LP.

In addition, we’ve deployed a governance multisig contract and transferred 5000 KOMBATs intended for future liquidity mining reward events. Full ownership of KOMBAT token contract has also been transitioned to this governance multisig. You can check the transactions:

Vested Tokens Details:

Join the CryptoKombat and take advantage of early adopters in the coolest card game in the crypto space!

Visit Crypto Kombat website, join our Telegram chat and follow our Twitter.

Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum based NFT collectible hero game

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