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Crypto Kombat
1 min readDec 10, 2021

We are glad to announce that now NFT cards of the Crypto Kombat collectible game are available for exchange, purchase, and sale on the Treasureland NFT marketplace!

To trade your CK cards on Treasureland:

1. Connect your Metamask to the marketplace;
2. Go to your account page;
3. Choose a card and set the cost.

You can also find and buy NFT from Crypto Kombat by following the link

“Partnership with Treasureland is yet another significant milestone for us in providing the liquidity for our NFT cards on BSC network. In-game items at Crypto Kombat are undoubtedly owned by our users and we must make sure that they can utilize them in the decentralized manner in the open market” — Konstantin Shirokov, Crypto Kombat Evangelist

Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol that supports NFT mint, issuance, auction, and socialization. It aims to connect NFT creators, users, and consumers in a decentralized way, building the eBay of the blockchain world.

Share your successful purchases and sales in the Telegram chat of our project, and do not forget to mention Crypto Kombat and Treasureland on Twitter!



Crypto Kombat

Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum based NFT collectible hero game