The first 50 days of Crypto Kombat

Almost 2 months have passed since a new star, Crypto Kombat, appeared on the horizon of the crypto. In this regard, we decided to take stock of the first 8 weeks of the project’s existence!

12 cards were released, 9 of which are heroes of future battles, and 3 cards are from the limited series “The History of Bitcoin”, available to lp-farming participants. One of the Genesis cards has already been accepted by its rightful owner, the creator of 1INCH Anton Bukov. We try to ensure that each crypto-hero gets his own personal Genesis card (Satoshi Nakamoto, send us your ETH wallet to

On April 14, we updated and officially presented the LP-farming campaign, for participation in which liquidity providers receive lp-tokens for minting exclusive cards, and also become participants in the future distribution of 5000 KOMBATs, which are blocked on the contract and will become a reward to all participants in the LP-farming campaign later. (Read more)

We also decided to block Team tokens and Ecosystem incentives tokens, as a result of which these addresses were vested for 6 months. (Read more)

Our community is significantly expanding after listing on CoinGecko, but we do not stop there and continue to work with other information resources to spread about Crypto Kombat to as many crypto enthusiasts as possible.

Today Crypto Kombat is:

  • 390 holders;
  • 2,593 tokens on the VOMBATs farming contract;
  • 1,163 tokens added to the liquidity pool;
  • More than 90,000 farmed VOMBATs;
  • 306 minted cards.

All this became possible only thanks to our audience — real early adopters. We thank you and promise — more will come. We have ambitious plans to take over the market, and we are working on it every day!

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Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum based NFT collectible hero game