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4 min readAug 17, 2021

With that article, we start a series of materials aimed at unveiling the deeply thought out and calculated economic and gameplay models of Crypto Kombat.

- What’s inside of Crypto Kombat play-to-earn economic model;

- Introducing premium accounts into blockchain games;

- Vombat — the reflection token;

- The Crypto Kombat gameplay;

- What are the NFT cards upgrades?

- The Crypto Kombat in-game items market.

Crypto Kombat is a blockchain-based collectible card game that can be described as “Farm, Collect, Fight”! In the game, you will meet many stars of the blockchain industry, such as Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, Changpeng Zhao, Charlie Lee, Justin Sun, and many others.

In addition to collecting and promoting blockchain ideas to society, Crypto Kombat is also distinguished by deep game-Fi mechanics, which allows players to receive rare NFTs, create and exchange digital value with each other.

Let’s take a closer look at the economics of the next-generation blockchain game and see what awaits players after the release of the beta version of the game, which is scheduled for the end of 2021.

The Economy of Crypto Kombat

Kombat token

The core of the game is the KOMBAT ERC20 token, which is traded on the Uniswap and SushiSwap, and its BEP20 version is listed on the PancakeSwap.

NOTE: Staking of KOMBAT tokens is a prerequisite for participating in Crypto Kombat battles.

KOMBAT coins used for in-game purchases will be removed from circulation, reducing the market supply.

Utility cases for Kombat:

  • Staking to receive Vombats
  • Buying special items
  • Unlock battle mode

Vombat token

But the token that provides gameplay unlocks new character cards and fights between players is VOMBAT. This internal token is currently created by staking the KOMBAT token and is used only for minting NFT cards, but after the game release, it will also be added to decentralized exchanges in the KOMBAT/VOMBAT pair.

This solution will allow the coin to be used to reward players for achievements in battles, as well as to buy valuable items (NFT characters, abilities, attacks, upgrades, and other items). Therefore the coin must have a certain value in the market, thanks to which players can exchange it for other cryptocurrencies.

NOTE: Since the supply of VOMBAT is elastic, and is created in the process of staking KOMBAT by players, it must be protected from inflation. To solve this problem, VOMBAT was designed as a reflection token.=

VOMBAT tokens obtained as a result of staking or in-game activities can be sold on decentralized exchanges, as well as NFT cards of characters, abilities, and “hits” can be sold on the secondary market, which is currently presented on the OpenSea.

Utility cases for Vombat:

  • Mint heroes NFTs
  • Pay for the battle
  • Receive battle victory rewards
  • Buy special items
  • Receive distribution rewards

Liquidity providers token

As with any DeFi project, the community plays a key role in Crypto Kombat. As you already know, the project developed independently, without the support of investors, solely on the team’s enthusiasm and invaluable community support. It is very important for us to reward active members of our community,.

For this matter, we’re introducing the Premium account for Liquidity providers. Premium accounts is an innovative move in the blockchain games not seen previously.

What benefits will be brought with the Premium account will be described in detail in the next articles.

The economy of battles in Crypto Kombat

To start searching for a game session, players start the matchmaking process, allocating a certain number of VOMBAT tokens as a deposit and confirming their intentions to fight against another player. The game will provide the recommended number of tokens in several variants so that players quickly find opponents with an identical VOMBAT value for battle.

When the opponent is matched, the tokens of the two players are blocked on the general contract, and after the end of the battle, the winner takes most of it, and the rest is sent to a separate pool.

Thus, for victories in a battle, the player will receive VOMBAT tokens and additional items, along with the ability to use them for further battles, to improve the characteristics of their cards, buy attacks and bonuses, and sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges.


The implementation of the described mechanics makes Crypto Kombat unique and attractive not only in terms of the idea, but also gameplay, and more importantly, economically. Ideas with the regulation of tokens circulation and the emission of an additional token and a potential reduction in the number of available character cards through upgrades will create a significant advantage of demand over supply, and will stimulate the growth of economic indicators of both the project and each player individually.

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Crypto Kombat

Crypto Kombat is an Ethereum based NFT collectible hero game